Baking for strangers (now friends)

When my sister asked me if I’d bake for her 40th b’day party I figured I’d make one of my signature cakes (that I yet haven’t veganized because I only have time for working). Some weeks later I asked her how many guests she was expecting and she told me 70-80 people…. wohoo! Not making cakes then!!! So I decided upon my trusted cupcakes and something that my sister likes…

Merengues with real blueberry is one of her favorites. 

Vegan meringue made with aguafaba

One of my brothers and his wife is eating a gluten free diet so I sort of had to make a cupcake for them too. Never had before and it was such a pressure to know I was going to put them out in the public at first trial!! 

Vegan and gluten free lemon cupcake with strawberry pearls on top

Next up was my crowd pleaser – the peanutbutter cup. Easy to make (asling as you have time) and so easy to eat. My personal twist is the salt on top!

For those who wanted to go heathy I made two raw balls. One with my sisters favorite flavour liqorice and lemon and one with my favorite choc and coconut. The latter went so fast I didn’t even try one on the evening (and you can tell on the photo they went before I had a chance of documenting them)!

And then, the cupcakes. Vanilla and choc. Classic. 

All in all it was a good night. I had to answer a lot of question about HOW they could be vegan. What held them together? No egg? I am not sure I convinced my very own sister… for the first months of being vegan I’d still baked with eggs for others but I couldn’t do it now. No way. It’s so easy replacing it. 

No one had to die or suffer from the dessert at this party! 


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